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"Lucky Dip" sample FREE with your order

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Free Tea Sample with Every Order

Every time you order, we will give you a Free Tea Sample.

They are chosen at random from our Bargain Bin - tea bags left over at the end of a production run that otherwise might be wasted.

So I thought - why not send a pack out FREE with every order?

You might discover your new favourite tea. If not, it's not cost us much, and it's not cost you a penny.

Want to try something in particular?

You can't specify what you want as your Free Tea Sample. It's a matter of pot luck what ends up in the Bargain Bin.

However, we do offer Taster Packs: 10 teabags or 25g of leaf tea in proper resealable packaging, available on the website in the usual way for a very reasonable price.

Taster Packs are a great way to try new teas. They are also idea for carrying in your handbag or pocket, or in your suitcase.

Every product on the website has a Taster Pack - just pick it from the dropdown pack size selector.