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Chatsford Mug Infuser

  • Brew loose-leaf tea in your mug quickly and easily - brews the tea just as well as a teapot
  • Small and light enough to carry comfortably in a handbag or briefcase - perfect for taking to work
  • No mess - simply tap the tea leaves into the bin afterwards, then rinse clean
  • Comes with a convenient drip tray to avoid puddles of tea on the worktop or desk
  • Opens up the opportunity for you to explore the huge range of leaf teas available - this could be the start of a tea adventure
Brew delicious loose leaf tea in your mug as easily as using a teabag

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Loose-leaf tea makes a better brew, and gives you access to much more variety than teabags do. You might have been brought up drinking loose-leaf tea and would like to go back to it. Or maybe you have always used teabags, but would love to experiment with loose-leaf.

It is the practicality that stands in the way. Making loose leaf tea means warming the pot - putting the tea in the pot - pouring on the water - brewing it - finding a tea strainer - pouring the tea - then cleaning up afterwards. If you are making a cup just for yourself, it hardly seems worth the effort. So you reach into the tea caddy and take out a teabag.... as usual!

No longer. The Mug Infuser makes brewing loose-leaf tea just as easy as using a teabag. So you get loose-tea quality and delicious flavour with all of the convenience of a teabag.

It is simply a mesh filter, with a plastic frame. Drop the Mug Infuser into your mug and add a teaspoon of of your favourite tea from All About Tea (you can warm the mug first if you want). When the water boils, pour it on and brew for 5 minutes or as directed on the back of the pack. Your tea will brew just like it does in a teapot - with plenty of space for the leaves to expand and infuse their rich flavour.

Then remove the Mug Infuser (it comes with a drip tray to catch the drips - alternatively, have a saucer at the ready).

Your tea is now ready to drink. Now comes the best part. Simply tap the Mug Infuser on the side of the compost bin and most of the wet tea leaves will come out. Rinse it quickly under the tap to remove the last few, then put it to dry on the draining board. It will be ready to use for your next cup of tea! Simple.

A word of warning. If you drink Mint Tea (Peppermint, Spearmint etc), keep a separate Mug Infuser specially for mint. The peppermint will taint the infuser and the taste never goes away. Cafes: if you use Mug Infusers or have plastic infusers in your teapots, consider using teabags for mint teas. Otherwise one day you will have a disastrous mix-up and end up with customers complaining about a funny "washing-up liquid" taste in their tea



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