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Andrew Gadsden: Saviour of Tea

You deserve a better cup of tea. Buy the best - direct from my factory - and get the best value for your money

Welcome to Gadsden Tea!

Are you bored of average-quality "premium" supermarket teas that all taste the same?

Have you been conned into buying pricey "loose leaf tea bags"?

Have you ever wondered why tea in the shops has declined in quality every single year since 1940, so that today it's virtually a different product?

My name is Andrew Gadsden and I am The Saviour of Tea.

I strongly believe that a great cup of tea can change your life. It's important to take time out in your busy day for yourself: to pause, ponder and recharge. The calming ritual of making and enjoying great tea can do that.

But you can't buy good tea. Either you buy the same old rubbish from the supermarket, OR you pay for the expensive marketing and outrageous promises of the new "niche" brands (all made in the same few factories)

Meanwhile, our job is simple. We blend and pack the finest teas we can find, at a fair price, in plain English, with good customer service. We serve businesses, but you can buy from us direct, thanks to the wonderful Internet. If you prefer, you can also order by phone, letter or carrier pigeon.

You'll find the best teas in the UK right here. Take a look! If you don't love them, I'll eat my tea cosy

ANDREW GADSDEN - Saviour of Tea

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Janet B, Feb 2016:

Just ordered portsmouth tea bags on line for the first time for a Mother's Day gift. It was very easy to do, and was with me the next day. This is now our favourite tea. Many thanks

Local Tea Blends: Tea Blended Specially For Your Local Water

Louise M, Aug 2015:

I've always loved Earl Grey but was blown away by the fresh taste and the prominent bergamot flavour. I've since ordered several packs for myself and it is now the only Earl Grey I drink. I'd rather have another tea than bother with a lesser Earl Grey. Please never stop making this :-)

Royal Navy Teas (tea blended for a warship's very soft water)

Valerie E, June 2015:

All the teas I have purchased over the last 3 years have been fantastic. I serve all loose leaf and my customers comment on what lovely tea I serve

Single-Origin Speciality Teas

Sara R, Aug 2015:

Ordered the Lady Hamilton Tea and it was fantastic. International delivery came within about a week. All in all great service!

Herbal Teas

Marina S, May 2015:

Fast delivery, the tea is excellent quality and also there is a lot of different variety of tea for everyone to choose. I will be back for my next order very soon.

Fruit Infusions